Chris Grammes, talks with AbFitt....

1) Q: Give the readers of AbFitt some background information: Name, age, gym.
A: Name: Chris Grammes, Age: 45 Jimmy's Gym, Years Training: 22

2) Q: Tell us how you got started in weight & fitness training.....
A: I believe my interest in weight training & fitness was a direct result of
my involvement in wrestling at the youth, high school, and collegiate
levels. I feel that in order to be competitive in the sport, you need to
focus on your conditioning. Consequently, the transition to weight training
was an easy

3) Q: Can you talk about your current training & cardio routine.
A: My current weight training routine is a bit unusual, but it seems to work
for me. Each day I'll focus on one body part and throw in either abs or
calves between each set I do. For example, I may do a set of pull-ups and
then immediately do a set of abs, without any additional rest between sets.
Typically I'll do anywhere between 14-16 sets per major body part and this
will take me about 45 minutes. My cardiovascular training typically
consists of 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, immediately followed by
30 minutes on the stair climber.

4) Q: A hot topic when we focus on a local is always nutrition. Talk about
your diet & supplementation.
A: As far as nutrition is concerned, I try to maintain a fairly consistent,
regimented diet throughout the year. However, that is not to say that I
don't have a cheat day now and then to satisfy some of my cravings. I've
been eating the same breakfast(1 cup of oatmeal & a protein shake) for as
long as I can remember. Lunch is typically a pouch of tuna accompanied with
some sort of complex carb. I like to have a protein shake prior to training
and also a protein shake immediately following my workout. Dinner typically
consists of chicken breast with vegetables.

Other than a daily vitamin, the only other supplement I'm taking is Nitric
Oxide booster first thing in the morning and prior to training. When I'm
training for a show, I like using MRPs such as Myoplex or Met-Rx. I prefer
the MRPs to whole foods as I feel they're more nutritionally sound and
quite easy to prepare.

5) Q: what are your future goals related to training.
A: I guess my future goal for training would be to constantly improve my
overall conditioning and performance from one year to the next. I might
even like to do another natural bodybuilding show or two before I call it

6) Q: What advice would you give to a beginner in the early stages of
his/her training.
A: My advice to beginners in the gym would be to check your pride at the
door and not worry about how much weight you can throw around. Focus on
your form and range of motion. The strength will definitely follow if you
do this. Set realistic goals and make a plan to reach those goals. Consider
logging your workouts in a training manual. I've done this in the past and
it seemed to help me. Consider finding a workout partner with similar goals
and interests in the gym.

Although I don't prefer a training partner at this time in my life, when I was younger it helped me stay motivated to have someone there pushing me. Finally, don't give into the temptation to use drugs such as steroids or other PEDs. One thing I've always prided myself on is that I'm 100% life-time drug-free. The satisfaction you'll
receive from knowing that you're clean far exceeds the temporary satisfaction a steroid user experiences. This is one topic in the field of weight training that I'm quite passionate about.

7)Q: Any last words?
A: When you go to the gym, you're there to train. Put away the cellphone,
limit your socializing, and focus that day's workout.