Derrick White's H.I.G.T six week challenge! Weeks 2 & 3 diary.

OK Abfitt Readers... Here's my take on the H.I.G.T for weeks 2 and 3... I found myself getting stronger with each workout and having more energy since I been eating clean for 3 weeks now. I have had cheat meals but that was on my cheat day that Rich let me have. I turned it up a notch on week 3 with cardio doing 2 mins of jump rope then a 40 yard wind sprint.

I did this routine 6 times which had me sweating like I was playing basketball on my cardio days. I work out 6 days a week now. I lift Mon Wed Fri and Cardio Tues Thur, Sat and WATCH MY COWBOYS on SUNDAY.....I look in the mirror and see myself getting a little more muscular since I been doing this workout.. Now I start week 4 with a new routine that Rich has for me. Well stay tuned 3 more weeks to go!