ASK AbFitt...Abs from India.

Hi Richard,

I am Amit from India. I have seen your site. I am really impressed by you ab muscles. They are great. I really want a lean body like you.

Presently, I am 10 kg overweight. I am 34, 5 feet 4 inches with weight of 68 kilos. I want a lean body. So please guide me what exercises to perform to remove fat from my abdomen and get a lean and muscular abdomen.



A: Amit believe it or not you also have a six pack, however you need to get your body fat % down to around 9% to see them. To do this you will need to focus on five principles and apply all equally. Most important Amit you will need to do so on a consistent basis, kinda like paying a bill, you just do it.

1) Get your diet in check, eat protein rich foods low in fat & keep an eye on if not eliminate carbs all together.

2) Train with weights, use challenging poundage's and keep your body guessing.

3) Do your cardio!

4) Learn to supplement with a few proven products such as whey protein, creatine, amino acids etc...keep it simple and always keep in mind good foods build lean bodys. Not supplements.

5) Sleep! You need quality sleep to allow your body to rest, repair and recoup.

Good luck-