Derrick's Dairy, H.I.G.T six week challenge! Week five..

Ok Abfitt readers…

Here is a short review how my fifth week went on the H.I.G.T training. Well 1 more weeks to go on the challenging H I G T…Well my 5th week was good as far as doing the workout but I sucked on taking my supplements and eating due to being in meetings all day and week in my unit…If I could I would take my protein shakes and meals with me in there with me but I can’t.

Anyway I went back to the first week of the HIGT program Rich gave me and I started drinking a gallon of water everyday which is no easy task but I did it…I feel so much better and more energized doing this workout…I must say it was a challenge at first and I had to use all 50secs to rest instead of 30 secs but now I can do it sets with just 30 secs breaks.

I am very proud of myself as far as working out but I hate myself for not being able to eat right for the week…Well now here I am at the 6th week and I am back on track now for the final week….Thanks for following me if you have and if you have time try the HIGT workout it’s well worth it in the long run…. ….Thanks a million Rich for this SWEET TORTURE!

Stay tuned for Derrick's After photo at the end of week six of the High Intensity Group Training (H.I.G.T) six week challenge.