Rich Fit / Tip of The Day. Please, please Less cardio already.

Despite what the masses tell you, limit your cardio! Yes that's right ease up a bit on all the steady state cardio. Now to be perfectly frank this is directed to those of you who are not in shape & are trying to get there and figure your body out. Science tells us after about 20 minutes your body has used up all stored carbs for energy. What happens next is the body then begins to tap into fat stores and your most important fat burning tool, muscle! Muscle if you are overweight & out of shape you simply can not spare. Don't burn it all up, this is a huge mistake beginners make.

Muscle is what shapes our bodies and keeps our metabolism moving efficiently, muscle is what allows you to fit in those favorite jeans of your, not the treadmill. If you are constantly using it to fuel your cardio habit, understand this you simply are never going to achieve the body you desire!!! Answer....build lean muscle tissue with a quality lifting schedule regardless of your age or experience consisting of basic compound movements taught here on AbFitt and relatively challenging weight. Done before cardio, then keep all that sexy muscle by limiting your cardio to short intense 20 minute bursts again, after your weight training. try it and watch the results happen within a short period, around 3-6 weeks.

If you think outside the box and follow this very basic advice you will see the results you want. Muscle builds bodies and burns fat, cardio strengthens your heart and respitory systems and certainly has its place in your fitness routine.