Top 10 Reasons You’re Not as shredded as You Want to Be

Top 10 Reasons You’re Not as Lean as You Want to Be

You are always in the gym, you eat clean, and you do daily cardio, so what gives?

Perhaps one of these top 10 reasons could be the culprit or the accumulation of more than one:

10. You eat too much fruit. Fruit sugar (fructose) does not enter the muscle as stored energy (glycogen) via insulin as the insulin levels are not raised sufficiently by this kind of sugar. Therefore, it is more readily converted to fat.

9. You do not train with intensity. You train three times a week and eat a couple low cal meals. To be extreme you must train extreme.

8. You obsess too much. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman knew how to crank it up and focus in the gym and shut it down and totally relax outside the gym.

7. You don’t lift heavy enough weights. Heavy weights build muscular physiques. The more muscle you have the better your metabolism is.

6. You have no knowledge of hormone control. If you are overstressed, under sleeping, and eating too much sugar, you are not controlling your hormones. Educate yourself on insulin, cortisol, growth hormone and testosterone, and the best ways to optimize your own natural production.

5. You think fortified cereals are "healthy foods."

4. You do too much regular cardio. The body is a very clever organism and adapts to most forms of cardio in a matter of weeks.

3. You party too much. Examine what you are doing in your social life. Time to knock your vices on the head for a little while if your goal is to have a great physique. Then, when you do party, think how much fun it will be sporting a new six pack.

2. You think abdominal training is easy. If done correctly, abdominal trainng can be excruciating. Abdominals are actually fast twitch muscles and this means relatively low (40 seconds) time under tension is optimal for development and muscular growth. This means 15 reps max.

1. You believe the myth of discipline. There is no discipline, only love. Either you love to be lean and ripped or you love to eat whatever you want. stop making excuses.