Rich Fit/Fit tip... How do I lose weight & get shredded?

Eat often!

The mistake a lot of people make is to eat too few calories when both trying to lose weight and build muscle. This is a huge mistake, and the individuals who have learned this knows how sluggish his/her metabolism becomes. By eating often, you keep your calories in check and, at the same time, stimulate the metabolism. Cutting calories may seem the most obvious way to get shredded, but it often isn't the intelligent route. If you eat small meals from five to eight times per day with a protein source in each, you can get up to one-third leaner because your metabolism cannot sense that you are dieting. Once the body's furnace (your metabolism) senses that it might starve, it begins to slow down to conserve energy. Unlike an automobile, you want your body to burn inefficiently rather than efficiently. You want your metabolism to act like a Ferrari, not a Honda. Eating often is also a way to satisfy your psychological hunger and keep your body happily full of energy.

Live Fit, Be Fit, AbFitt!!