The Body’s Post Workout Response

During a intense training session several actions occur:

1. The body utilizes nutrients at a far greater amount than at rest. The majority of the fuel during training is confiscated from a carbohydrate stored in the muscle called glycogen. Low glycogen leads to muscle loss. Thus, glycogen must be restored.
2. Training creates microscopic tears in the muscle tissue referred to as micro trauma. All tissue in the human body is made of amino acids. (Stick a bunch of amino acids together and you get PROTEIN). Therefore, ingesting protein after the training session is critical.
3. Cortisol levels steadily increase during the training session and post workout. Cortisol is a hormone which signals various biochemical processes in the body. Some of the them are beneficial to physical achievement while others are not. An increase in cortisol post workout is not beneficial and greater results will occur by temporarily lowering it.

What's the answer?

Consume a fast digesting shake that replenishes carbohydrate stores, repairs damaged tissue and lowers cortisol levels within 5 minutes of the last rep of the last set.

Now that you know the rules and have a basic understanding of the body’s post workout priority here are a few formulas that deliver the goods.

Example: Note (this is just one of many)

1-3 scoops of whey protien
15-30 grams Glutamine (Amino Acid that when taken in higher doses replenishes glycogen stores without increasing hormones that promote fat gain)
1-2 scoops Greens-X (concentrated green plant extract that is an alkaline substance which blunts cortisol levels)