Take in a whey protein shake immediately after you wake up in the morning. You’ve been sleeping for as many as eight hours, so you have not been providing your body with aminos for muscle building, muscle maintenance and other body processes. Although sleep allows your body to grow and recover, it leads to a catabolic state in which your body breaks down muscle mass to get the necessary aminos for conversion into energy.

Whey is among the fastest digesting proteins, and it will give your body amino acids for fuel and growth. This will prevent your body from turning to muscle for those amino acids. Jump-start growth from the very beginning of the day by taking in whey protein first thing in the morning, even before you shower or brush your teeth.

Mix whey protein with water for faster digestion. At this time of day, avoid consuming fats, complex carbs and fiber as these will only slow down digestion and absorption of protein, working against your goals.


Take in 30 to 50 grams (g) of whey protein upon waking.