"10 things you need to know about Steve USS Cunningham".

won 24 (KO 12) + lost 2,
Current IBF cruiser weight Champion of the world.
age 34, home town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

1)Q: Can you take us through a day of training when you are not preparing for a fight.
A:.I run or swim every other day & hit the gym work the jump rope bag and some weight training.

2) Q:Boxing is guilty of hanging on to some out dated training routines,
can you tell us if you incorporate any training that some would consider outside the traditional ways of preparing for a fight?
A: Nothing too crazy, just intense.

3) Q: Do you feel weight training has a part in boxing? Do you train with weights when preparing for a fight?
A:.Yes I think weight training is needed in boxing , it builds strength and endurance.I train with weights more in between fights than in camp

4) Q:Your best punch?
A: The jab!

5) Q: Steve Cunningham vs ?, would be your dream fight?
A:.Evander Holyfield in his prime.

6) Q:Tell us about the team you surround yourself with.
A: .My wife livvy is my manager, Buddy Osbourne is assistant trainer, and my Bro. Nazim Richardson is head traine, the team is awesome. I get what I need and more from them, my success is because I have a such a great team.

7)Q:To this point in your career what was you toughest fight and what stands out to you about it?
A:My toughest fight for me was when I fought Sabastian Rothman in south Africa, his home country. The altitude was very high, but he was used to it. In the fight I felt tired and drained and had to dig very deep to get the win

8) Q:What does Steve do when not training and outside the fight game?
A: I am all about family, me and my son Steve Jr paintball, xbox 360, I am working on a comic book of my career, making me a super hero.Its in the works and I'm real excited about it.

9) Q:Steve didn't you and your wife open a gym in Philly? How is that business venture working out in this struggling economy?
A:The gym is doing good we are brain storming for some new ideas and things to do in there.

10) Q: So what is next for you? When can we expect to see you in the ring again?
A: I wanna fight again as soon as possible. Nothing set yet, but stay tuned.