Fighters Who Don't Train With Weights Are Just Begging To End Up On Their Backs.

Boxing provides a total-body workout, so you'll expend more calories during your time in the gym. Plus, boxing training involves the recruitment of both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers - slow-twitch for the constant motion of your feet and hands and fast-twitch for quick movements such as punches and slips. Because fast-twitch muscle fibers have the greatest potential for growth, most boxing trainees will notice a marked increase in overall lean muscle, which in turn helps burn more bodyfat.

Boxing training involves the coordination of many muscle groups working at a will-breaking pace over long periods, with very limited rest sprinkled throughout - think of it as choreographed interval cardio. However you have to train with relevance to your sport. Boxers have to generate power, so you should still stick to some basic power movements such as squats and deadlifts. Those types of lifts will help you produce power from your legs and core, which is where punching power comes from. Some fighters and their trainers are still stuck back in the '60s with how they train. Not here at AbFitt!

If you are new to the "Iron" I recommend two days per week to keep your strength gains coming. Adequate protein consumption and rest are crucial. supplement and train with an experienced strength trainer.

Day - Training Type - (Bodyparts)

1. Weights (Chest, Biceps) Ab circuit
2. Boxing workout
3. Weights (Legs & Back) Ab Circuit
4. Boxing workout
5. weights (shoulders & Triceps) Ab Circuit
6. Boxing workout

Days 1, 3, 6 — Boxing Workout
Exercise Sets Reps/Time
Jump rope 6 3 min.
Speed bag 3 3 min.
Shadowbox/Reflex bag 3 3 min.
Heavy bag 4 3 min.
Fire Cardio:*********************************** (Part of H.I.G.T)
Squat thrust 4 20
Lunge thrust 4 20
Lateral bound 4 20
Plyometric push-up 6 to failure
Shoulder circuit 3 3 min.

Rest no longer than 30 seconds between sets. Between exercises, rest only as long as it takes to get set up on the next activity.