Laws of leanness, Richard Seymour's/Fit School:

Unless you’re involved in this business full-time, you tend to adopt certain exercises and do them over and over again, to the exclusion of all others. We tend to adopt the same habits in other aspects of our lives. We tend to eat at the same restaurants, frequent the same stores, and call the same girls at 2:00 in the morning after we’ve had a few too many drinks.

We are creatures of habit. In training, though, it’s imperative that we break out of these ruts. We have to try new movements or try different ways of doing the same old movements. Variety is not only the spice of life; it’s the main ingredient in losing fat & building the lean muscular body you want.

My clients my fighters and myself have one thing in common. Our conditioning can never be questioned! To achieve this I employ my H.I.G.T (high intensity group training) and the principles that make it effective three times per week. Full body fitness, heavy ass weights & intense... with little to no rest. You rest in the car on the way home, think you can hang?

* 3 sets per group, exercises performed back> to back>. 30 sec max rest between sets. Increase in weight for each exercise each set. Our goal is to recruit type two fibers. Rep range 4-12 on Training days #1 & #3. Rep range 4-8 on training day #2 (heavy weight & only two exercises performed in a group)

Group one: Focus muscle-chest, secondary-shoulders...

flat bench dumbell presses legs elevated off floor> seated front dumbell shoulder raises. standing dumbell side lateral raises> standing dumbell upright row.
*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

Group two: Primary muscle-shoulder, secondary-chest...

seated military dumbell press> incline bench press> 45lb plate shoulder shrugs> shoulder tri set superset ( grab ten lb plates hold one in each hand, seated one arm at a time perform 6 fast yet controlled front raises then side raises. repeat with left arm. Now perform six bent over lateral shoulder raises)
*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

Group three: Primary muscle-Biceps, secondary-triceps..phaseing out chest and shoulders

Standing barbell curl> tri cep kick back> incline finger tip push ups. ( when performing push ups mix up your hand & feet positions to hit the chest and shoulder muscle's at different angles, have a partner place a weight plate on your back for added intensity)*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

Group four: Primary muscle-triceps, secondary-biceps.....

Tricep cable press down> pull up> push up> weighted speed punches ( grab two five pound weights, hold one in each hand. Now take a fighters stance and throw left right punches fast for 30 seconds )*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

Group five: Primary muscle-quads, secondary-back...

barbell deep squats> pull ups> 45lb plate alternate lunge.*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

Group six: Primary muscle-hamstrings, secondary-back....

Bent over barbell row> stiff legged dead lift> dumbbell or kettle ball one arm squat & press.*Now rest 30 seconds, increase weight repeat*

On training days #1 & #3 following this workout we complete abdominal work. Remember your abs have been worked in every exercise you just performed so they are fatigued. So we hit them briefly, but with intensity and from angles.

EX: pick one exercise for each..lower, upper, middle, side's of your abdominal's. Now perform each exercise in a circuit fashion. Your rest is going to the next exercise.