Got Symmetry? Janet Lee Wants To Know.

Symmetry, from a Greek word, meaning "to measure together",harmonious or
aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance. Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" (ca. 1487) is often used to represent symmetry in the human body and, by
extension, the natural universe.

But, how is symmetry truly acquired? The human body so intricately fashioned is also complex. Its bilateral symmetry, 2-sided with right and left sides matching, gives us a mirror image.

However, our goal in body-building is evenly distributed muscle mass- focusing on all muscle groups equally, so there are no obvious "weak points". Is is all
genetics? Or is it hard "blood sweat and tears" pumping iron? There are other
reasons behind symmetry other than aesthetic. One being protection from injury. If all muscle groups are worked then there is no "over compensating" for
the weaker muscles. Changing exercises and the way muscles are used also creates symmetry. Clean diet, aerobics, low body -fat percentage and body-type are meshed together , linking all your hard physical work to the symmetrical "completion".

Note: I don't know about you , but I want it! Too many beach bodies with great chest,abs and biceps ....and their arms are bigger in circumference than their legs! Or is there anything more disheartening than gorgeous legs, tight glutes, high breasts....but a sagging waist line with no six -pack in sight? Keep at it
guys! Symmetry. It is our natural physical "universe". Jlee

-Janet is a friend of and guest writer for AbFitt. Please use our search bar above to find out more about this fantastic & inspirational 54 year old super mom.