Try This Intensity Boosting Technique To Help You Pass The Point Of Training To Failure

Before I tell you exactly how to build more muscle by manipulating muscle failure in your workout, allow me to break it down scientifically. Muscle failure is defined as the point in a set when you can’t perform another rep with proper form. And while there’s much debate over whether training to failure boosts strength, it’s absolutely crucial for inducing growth. Going to failure (and beyond) signals the body to produce more critical anabolic hormones and growth factors such as growth hormone (GH), testosterone and insulin-like growth factor-1.

The further you can take a set past failure, the higher you can increase levels of these natural muscle-building hormones and the further you can push muscle growth.To Failure And Beyond

Taking a set to failure is pretty straightforward: Go until you can’t go anymore, then stop. But training past failure can be done a number of ways.

The following technique for me has proven to be the most effective, so get acquainted with this intensity-booster and push your hypertrophy to new heights.


For each body part you will perform three exercises in concession with no rest between exercises. This is a full body workout so remember, each body part is trained this way until all body parts are finished. Two sets of each using progressively heavier weights. Caution this is extreme and only recommended for advanced athletes.

Chest: Incline press>Decline press>Flat press
Back: Pull up's>Pull downs>One arm cable rows
Shoulders: Standing behind the neck military press>upright row>front raises
Biceps: Standing barbell curl>Chin ups> Seated one arm dumbbell curls
Tricep: Close grip Bench>French press>Skull crushers
Legs: Squat>Stiff legged deadlift>Dumbbell box step ups

How is that for Intensity!!